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Shefford Tai Chi Festival

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the 2020 Tai Chi Festival on April 25 due to the present Coronavirus situation. I apologise for any inconvenience but hope to run it later in the year once the situation clears.

In the meantime best wishes to you all.

Shefford Tai Chi Festival 2019

Shefford Tai Chi Festival Poster 2019Our annual Tai Chi Festival – held on World Tai Chi and Chi Kung Day – is always on the last Saturday of April – so in 2019 it will be on 27th April from 10.00 to 4.00 at the Shefford Community Hall, just off the High Street next to the chip shop at SG17 5AX.

This is our 3rd year and we are delighted to again welcome local martial arts and alternative therapy practitioners for demonstrations, sample treatments and simply for a chat with visitors (entry free of charge).

Tai Chi is an exercise for all ages and all levels, a way of developing balance and preventing falls, a martial art, a perspective on life and a very sociable activity – Tai Chi can be many things to many people. The classes in Shefford are mostly about health and falls prevention such as the relaxing drop-in classes at the Community Hall on Mondays at 2.30pm or on Sundays at 6.30pm. For seniors it is open to explore the breadth of Tai Chi in a weekly senior class or further training with external senior instructors including from China.

Shefford Tai Chi practice Chen Style which is the original form from China in the early 1600s, created by the Chen family and passed on to the rest of the world over the following 400 years. The synthesis of Tai Chi practice incorporates health approaches including Chi Kung and Traditional Chinese Medicine, philosophies such as Taoism and Buddhism along with martial arts focused training for those that are interested. Tai Chi truly works with mind, body and spirit as a look at the many articles on this website will demonstrate.

If you are interested to find out more about classes or the festival, then instructor Ian Deavin is happy for you to visit a class or contact him to discuss your questions on e-mail ian@sheffordtaichi.org or mobile 07860 218334.

The World Health Organisation found Tai Chi to be an effective therapy for falls prevention and recognised it as reducing vulnerability by 50%.

2019 Festival Programme:

10.00 Tai Chi – Ian Deavin
10.30 Yoga – Laura Johnson
11.00 Alexander Technique – Eileen Johnson
11.30 Karate – Ataru SKC – Tracii Thompson
12.00 Tai Chi – Ian Deavin
12.30 Jujitsu –  Enso Jujitsu –  Lee Alexander
1.00 Tai Chi – Ian Deavin
1.30 Taekwondo – Tom Delve
2.00 Wing Chun – Yvoone & William Wong
2.30 Tai Chi – Ian Deavin
3.00 Interactive session
3.30 Tai Chi – Ian Deavin
All day Tai Chi – Ian Deavin
Massage – David Sheppard
Shefford Library – Joy Lakin
Forever Living Products – Sam Mitchell

Local directory of related activities:

Alexander Technique – Eileen Johnson: 07717 154732, eileenjohnson_998@hotmail.com
Alexander Technique – Judy Hammond: 07930 552797, movingmindfully@btinternet.com
Aromatherapy – Tom Rigby Therapies: 01767 314185, info@tomrigbytherapies.com
Enso Jiu Jitsu – Nicky Tribble: 07780 971004 and Lee Alexander: 07780 971004, l.axexander88@live.co.uk
Forever Living Products – Sam Mitchell, 07966 395665, sammyjmitchell@gmail.com 
Karate – STMA, Gabriel Tan: 01462 730551, info@jksk.co.uk
Karate – Tracii Thomson: 07890 424010, tracii@ataru.co.uk
LivingLife magazine – Andrew Martin, 07957 333226, admin@livinglifemagazine.co.uk
Massage – David Sheppard: 07776 230327, massagereflexuk@gmail.com
Physiotherapist – Ben Ruby, 07579 033202, benrubynp@gmail.com
Pilates – Shefford Gym, Lou Green: 07855 824558, imagefitness@hotmail.co.uk
Pilates – Shash Gajjar: 07963 232666, bodytone1@outlook.com
Shefford Library – Joy Lakin: joy.lakin@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk
Shefford Newsline – Tony Dawson, 01462 816321, towncouncil@sheffordtown.co.uk
Taekwondo – Tom Delve: 07743 918487
Tai Chi – Ian Deavin: 07860 218334, ian@sheffordtaichi.org
The Wellness Hub – Sam Hutchinson: sam@thewellnesshub.co.uk
Tong Soon Do – John Brinda: 07754 157140, john_tsdmdk@yahoo.co.uk
Wing Chun – Yvoone & William Wong: 07900 922486
Yoga – Rick Nunn: 07535 676319
Yoga – Katie Graham-Young: 07966 463445, info@treeoflifeyoga.co.uk
Yoga – Laura Johnson: 07709 121117, yogawithlauraj@hotmail.com

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