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Clearly ones’ knowledge and experience are informed and in some cases directed by our interactions with others – in this case at a distance by the books I have read.

The reading list is a collection of many that I have found useful, provoking, challenging, educational or simply interesting and informative. I hope that they may serve the same purpose for others.

Taiji: basic movement patterns and body coherence

Taiji: basic movement patterns and body coherence – an excellent piece by Sam Moor – really well written and easy to read – covers so much of what I try to get across to students but better written! Read the article …


Chen Taijiquan's Integrated Curriculum by David GaffneyChen Taijiquan’s Integrated Curriculum by David Gaffney – a great insight into Chen Tai Chi by a very experienced martial artist with long term connections to the school at the Chen Village. This piece covers important basic stuff in easily understood terms – I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Read the article …

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