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Indemnity and insurance notice

Shefford Tai Chi Indemnity and insurance notice for Tai Chi classes

Fit to train form and self-assessment

This class is not suitable for persons classified as “vulnerable” – please be aware that each person is individually responsible for their attendance and behaviour at Tai Chi classes. This includes ensuring you are able to safely participate for the duration of the class.

While I personally applaud the search for health improvements exhibited by many old people wishing to practice Tai Chi I must point out that this is entirely at your own risk – Tai Chi is not a rehabilitation or a magic cure. Our legal and insurance system requires that you explicitly understand your responsibility. Therefore, I must make it clear that I cannot be held responsible for the condition of people attending my classes – nor for any injury or problem experienced in a class. Each student has the choice as to how they navigate a class and the movements demonstrated are only intended to provide an indication for the student to explore for themselves – students should adjust the extent of their movement, and its duration to fit their own comfort and capability.

Realising the benefits of Tai Chi for health or as a martial art are the sole responsibility of the student – classes can only point the way, students must do the work within themselves if they wish to achieve change whether it be physical, mental or emotional. If you are in doubt as to if Tai Chi would be suitable for you then please consider – can you stand and move continuously for an hour? Can you walk unaided for 100 yards? Are you on medication that has contra-indicative side effects – like fainting? If these are problematic then please find a class that is focused on rehabilitation.

Examples of some considerations:

1) Do you have Heart problems?
2) Circulatory problems?
3) Blood pressure problems?
4) Joint, movement problems?
5) Feel dizzy or imbalance during exercise?
6) Currently pregnant or recently given birth?                                                                                                         

Do you currently receive medical care or do any of the following affect you?

7) Back/spinal pain?
8) Headaches or migraines?
9) Have you recently had surgery?
10) Currently being prescribed medication?
11) Recently finished a course of medication?
12) Diabetes?
13) Asthma or breathing problems?

I certify that none of the above affect my ability or fitness to participate in Tai Chi classes. I am not aware of any other reason that may prevent me from taking part in regular activity. In case of doubt I have taken medical advice

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