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Video Terms and Conditions

The videos on this site are free for use at viewers risk.

Demonstrations on this site are by experienced teachers. By themselves they are not supposed to be lessons or to be instructive but as a support for regular group or one-to-one classes or as a follow on activity to encourage personal practice between classes.

Beginners who enjoy the exercises demonstrated are encouraged to find a local teacher in their preferred discipline or to participate in one of the seminars detailed elsewhere on the site.

People of a frail physical condition or with specific conditions will need to make their own judgement as to the suitability of these exercises for themselves. In all cases we encourage people to learn to look after themselves by developing body awareness and working mindfully. In this respect we consider small soft movements to be beneficial – when this is achieved then larger quicker movements may be explored. Thus demonstrations may not match the ability level of the viewer – who should adapt them to fit their own comfort zone if they wish to participate.

Each video illustrates exercises derived from a particular discipline – thus Tai Chi derived exercises are taken from the style of training; they are not Tai Chi routines. The disciplines themselves may best be learned from an experienced local instructor who is able to share and correct on a personal basis.

Members should recognise that if they participate they do so entirely at their own risk. www.sheffordtaichi.org, www.sheffordtaichi.uk and www.sheffordtaichi.co.uk and the experts demonstrating on these videos take no responsibility whatsoever.

We recommend that anyone wishing to exercise along with these demonstrations first reviews them carefully and reassures themselves of their own capacity and the suitability of the movement for their own body and mind.

That said, we do not consider the activities in these demonstrations to be unusual. It should be recognised of course that this will be a greatly variable judgement, depending on the age, health and fitness of the member concerned. Consequently, there are a range of activities demonstrated at different levels of physical/mental ability – students must choose for themselves.

Users agree that neither www.sheffordtaichi.org, www.sheffordtaichi.uk and www.sheffordtaichi.co.uk, or any person connected with it, is in any way responsible for them following along with the exercises portrayed on this site. Users must be of legally responsible age and are solely responsible for their own physical/mental practice.

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