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Video Clips – Tai Chi Applications

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Chen Yu – Applications

Chen Yu Applications video

Chen Yu

Chen Yu push hand

Chenyu shifu in Seoul Korea 2007

Chen Yu TV

Chenyu demonstrates flowing style practice of Chen Taijiquan 74 combination

Grand Master Chen Xiaowang Demonstration

Chen Tai Chi (Taijiquan) Fight Free Spar. Chen ZiQiang

Chen Xiaowang – Push Hands

Chen Taiji Push Hands

2000 Chen Bing Tai Chi Push Hand National Championships in Beijing, China

Push Hands Comp in Chen Village

Chen Xiaowang Applications DVD excerpt, Laojia/19ct w/ fajin

Chen Xiaowang, Zhang Dongwu (main student of Chen Zhenglei)

Tai Chi Chin Na

Chin na defensa 2

Chen Ziqiang Tui Shou

Click here for videos from the Chen Xiaoxing website
Click here for Chen Ziqiang tuishou qinna

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