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Shefford Tai Chi Links

Chinese Internal Arts Association          Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britain

Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association          Wu Kung Federation          Embrace the Moon

AG’s Martial Arts Centre          Wikipedia          Kissaki Kai          Martial Arts with Mike Finn

No Nonsense Self Defense          Taichi.co.uk          Yiquan UK           Humour in Martial Arts

Rising Crane          Chen Zhao Kui Martial Arts Research Association          Metanoia Insititute

Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy          Body Psychotherapy

Centre for Integral Relational Learning          The Kairos Foundation          Berkshire Tai Chi

Thames Valley Tai Chi          Jarek’s Chinese Martial Arts          Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

Tai Chi Productions            Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB School         The China Tai Chi Guide

Personal & Executive Business Coaching          Medidation, Human Anatomy from the Taoist Perspective

Tao te king          Andy Nugent’s Academy of Martial Arts        Chen Bing Taiji Academy

       The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living      The Courtyard Centre for Health & Wellbeing

Chenjiagou Taijiquan School        Tai Chi Ch’uan Classics            NHS Choices – A Guide to Tai Chi

Jeremy Lent – ​Author and Integrator

 Breaking the Rules

 Martial Arts Illustrated   The Holistic Information Service   SiteRanking.com   All About Feng Shui – Your online resource for Feng Shui!

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