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“Tai Chi for Golf” Classes

Improve and enjoy your game with “Tai Chi for Golf”

Tai Chi works on universal principles of optimal body usage including good posture, balance and movement – developing the structure and mind-body awareness vital in golf for power and sensitive control.

Tai Chi exercises promote mental preparation – getting into the zone – and relaxed fluid movement to improve your stroke play.

Mindful learning is promoted in order to develop good technique – so that you play better and enjoy it more.

Suitable for beginners to Tai Chi—even if you don’t play golf .☺

Whitepaper on “How can Tai Chi improve your Golf”

Contact: Ian Deavin. Telephone: 01462 621970. E-mail Ian

“Ian’s Tai Chi for Golf sessions have improved my flexibility and helped me to focus on developing a more rhythmic, flowing golf swing. The similarities between the golf swing and Tai Chi movements are fascinating. I played one of my best ever rounds after the third session!” – Darrell Martin



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