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Tai Chi and Alexander technique weekend retreat

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Judy Hammond and Ian ran a Tai Chi and Alexander retreat at Belsey Bridge in May 2017 with everybody enjoying some relaxing work on posture and movement, connecting with our bodies and learning improved methods of body usage – as one delegate put it:

“What a lovely weekend. Thank you so much for all your hard work and input. I learnt so much and it was all very interesting. I felt pretty tired Monday but very energised now which is wonderful. Need more weekends like that! ”

With the day split up into morning and afternoon sessions each one began on the floor with Alexander Technique “semi-supine” work to relax and feel the body – to align the spine and to lightly engage the muscles of the trunk. After standing up this was followed with some very soft loosening in a Tai Chi format to take the feeling achieved on the floor into the vertical, so that everyone could get the sense of being relaxed while moving softly – which was in turn expanded into Tai Chi walking and other general movement. Good overall posture and good primary control of the head and neck were encouraged throughout with physical adjustments from Judy and Ian.posture adjustments

Greek dance sessionSunday included some Greek dance which gave a fun example of body usage – and some individual posture adjustments photographed or videoed on personal phones for delegates to take home.

The venue at Belsey Bridge was excellent with some lovely staff and delicious food – a wonderful exercise hall and delightful surroundings for strolling or personal meditation.Quiet time at Belsey BridgeA meal at Belsey Bridge


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