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What Alternative Health Exercises can offer

We would like to emphasis the belief that regular practice – even as little as 5 minutes a day – is important as the benefit builds up over time – you get back what you put in.

Daily practice of 5 minutes or 5 hours gives its own rewards in development of any skill, alternative health disciplines are no different – although it is perhaps more normal for health exercises to take around 15 to 30 minutes per day. Consequently, each video is aimed to fit this time slot and a variety of demonstrations are offered to move along with so that viewers may browse a number of related subjects.

We would emphasise the importance of an experienced personal teacher in providing correction and direction – repeated incorrect practice can lead to problems – a teacher can spot this.

On the other hand, no practice can also lead to problems as bad habits of body usage develop over many years and may develop their own negative outcomes if not corrected.

We hope that our Alternative Health Exercises videos will lend motivation to daily practice and provide a varied resource to enable this. We expect that the movement principles demonstrated will be co-incident with any local class attended – where they may appear to be in conflict please discuss with your teacher who should be able to advise.

It has been our experience and our belief that movement principles are common across all areas of human activity from dance to golf, swimming to tennis – on the basis that the human body is essentially the same, but of course with variations in size, in usage habits, and in extent of capability by virtue of development problems, injury, wear and tear. Nonetheless, the principles remain true – and by correct practice each person can learn to adapt so far as possible and achieve their optimal movement potential.

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